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Published: 2017-09-15 10:03 +0000 GMT | Source: Nasdaq Nordic

Danske Bank A/S - Admission for trading and official listing

It has been decided to admit the following structured bond for trading and official listing with effect from 18 September 2017:


Udsteder / issuer Danske Bank A/S
Første dato for handel / First day of trading  2017-09-18
ISIN DK0030404108
Instrument name/ticker DB TECH SPRINTER 2018
Udstedelsesvaluta / Currency, issuance EUR
Årlig nominel rente / Nominal interest rate 0.0
Udløbsdato / Maturity date 2018-09-27


For further information please contact Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, Surveillance, tel. 33 93 33 66

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