I Totally Pegged Hillary Clinton As a Chardonnay Drinker: How she got through her 2016 loss

Friday, September 8, 2017
Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of Kuwait and President Trump participate in a news conference in the East Room of the White House on Thursday. Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

I Totally Pegged Hillary Clinton As a Chardonnay Drinker: How she got through her 2016 loss

The NFL's First Anthem Protest of the Season: Kansas City cornerback Marcus Peters sat during the anthem before last night's game

Kid Rock Gives Concert Stump Speech: And he had a lectern with a sign that said "United States of 'Merica"

Kate Bennett

What the White House is Talking About:
President Trump today met with his national security team, and he's also getting an official update on Hurricane Irma. Mar-a-Lago, Trump's palatial private club in Palm Beach, Florida, was part of today's evacuation zone.

At 2:30 p.m., from the White House South Lawn, Trump will take off in Marine One to Camp David, with Melania Trump. This weekend the first couple will host Cabinet members and their spouses (ahem, Louise Linton) for the weekend; an official Cabinet meeting is expected to take place Saturday afternoon.

What the White House Press Corps is Talking About:
Hurricane Irma. All media hands on deck. Those of us not going down to cover are wishing only the best for our brave and dedicated colleagues who are heading into the storm zone. Press briefing will be on camera today at 1 p.m. with Sarah Sanders. 

CNN's New Live Vehicle is Rad:
Our own Ed Lavandera -- who arrived in South Florida after his amazing coverage of Hurricane Harvey in Texas -- says the new rolling CNN mobile unit on the ground for Irma is equipped with four cameras, including a 360-degree camera mounted on the roof. 
Credit: @JMOCNN/Twitter

Former POTUS Club Announces Great Work for Hurricane Victims:
The "One America Appeal" was unveiled yesterday by all five former living presidents (Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. They filmed a video, which you can watch here, appealing to Americans to lend support to help rebuild and aid in the recovery of those areas in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Trump wasn't included in the project -- he tweeted with a "One America Appeal" hashtag this morning, however. 

I Totally Pegged Hillary Clinton As a Chardonnay Drinker:
We've all been there, Hills. Clinton confirmed her drink of choice last night at a talk in New York where she discussed how she got through the loss of the presidential race: "Yes, I had my fair share of chardonnay." Clinton also said she did some yoga and tried alternative nostril breathing, because who hasn't, amirite? She also discussed that in the car on the way back from her election night loss she was so drained and shocked that she couldn't even speak. 
Slow Your Roll, Nobu:
(See what I did there?) Seriously, though, Jessica Sidman at Washingtonian reports that Nobu, the uber-fancy sushi joint that's opening Tuesday in DC's West End neighborhood, spent $10 million on the restaurant buildout, which is nutty for Washington's dining scene. Let's hope it's as good as the other Nobu's I've been to -- I'm a big fan, and although it's pricey and scene-y, I'm curious to see if this spot, the 38th, gets the same traction as the other outposts. Note: If you live in one of the condos in the same building ($900,000-$3.1 million), you can get takeout. 
Dress Like the First Lady:
I'm a bit behind because I'm off in Atlantic City this week, judging Miss America's preliminary scores -- see below, so bear with me. But, I dug the powder blue coat Melania wore to church last Sunday, and I was happy to see her never-put-your-arms-through-the-sleeves style was still in effect. The coat is by Joseph and you can get it here for $895
Credit: Pool photographer/Getty Images, net-a-porter.com

Trump Costumes Yuge for Halloween:
The Internet is now filled with Trump family costumes for Halloween; etsy.com even has one to dress your dog like the president because America. But one of the big trends is to go as Ivanka Trump. You can buy a China-made Ivanka wig on eBay
Credit: ebay.com

There I Am, At Miss America:
Guys, this week has been fascinating. I can't talk about it all that much because I'm basically sworn by death to not reveal anything about how the Miss America judging process works, but let me just say this week has been fascinating and I'm so impressed with the young women competing for Sunday night's ultimate crown. I've spent 2.5 days in interviews with each of the 51 contestants, and for the past two nights, I've been judging the preliminaries, (night one, and night two, night three is tonight) which are mini-Miss America shows with talent, evening gown, swimsuit and interview categories. We do preliminaries so that by Sunday night's telecast (9 p.m. on ABC), there's time to for just the semi-finalists -- but we'll have already seen every single one to make a fair call and pass on our composite scores to the final judge's panel for the show. Anyway, whew, it's a lot. But the cool stuff, like getting police escorts wherever we go, and staying at fhe Borgata with all the room service, and hanging with the other six prelim judges, who are awesome, and getting to be behind-the-scenes for this iconic American tradition is something I'll never forget. Here are a few pics I've taken:
Left: This is what the famous Boardwalk Hall looks like empty, from the stage, where Miss America will ultimately do her famous walk/wave. Right: Here's a sampling of the gowns, from my perch in the judge's box, which is basically almost on the stage. The gowns, as you can see, run the gamut. FASCINATING. 
Left: At the end of each night, the lights finally go off and the girls are like, peace, we're out of here, and it's sort of a normal, off-script moment, so I wanted to grab a shot of it. Right: Can we start a fund for my teeth? Because I'm pretty sure after this week of being plied with Atlantic City-made saltwater taffy, to which I've developed a pretty intense addiction, I'm probably not going to have any left. Thanks, Kate. 
See you back in Washington on Monday! 

Hunter Schwarz

What Washington is Talking About:
The House is expected to vote today on legislation that includes hurricane relief aid and a three-month debt ceiling extension. It passed Thursday in the Senate, with 17 Republicans voting no.

What America is Talking About:
Hurricane Irma is on course to make landfall in Florida this weekend. And Equifax says up to 143 million people -- AKA 44% of the US population -- could be effected by a data breach it discovered in July that included names, Social Security numbers, birthdays and addresses.

Poll of the Day:
In a single year, the gap between the percentage of American adults who say they "often" get their news from television versus online has more than halved, from 19 points down to 7, according to Pew.
Don Jr. Was in There for More Than Five Hours:
Donald Trump Jr. told Senate Judiciary Committee staffers yesterday during his more than five-hour, closed-door testimony with them that he did not bring any of the Russians he met with in June 2016 at Trump Tower to meet with his father, nor did he tell his father about the meeting afterward, sources told CNN. Then he put out this statement that seemed to be a preemptive "Nah, I'm good," should he be asked to testify publicly.
Credit: @DonaldJTrumpJr/Twitter

But Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Dem who sat in on the meeting, said there were "a lot of gaps that will need to be filled" and that he expects DJTJ will testify publicly.

You'll remember DJTJ's explanation for that meeting with a Russian lawyer has changed, from saying it was about Russian adoption to saying it was about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton that they ultimately did not end up getting...

Meanwhile, Mueller Wants to Talk With WH Staff About DJTJ's Shifting Story:
Specifically, staffers who were aboard Air Force One when an initial misleading statement about Trump Jr.'s meeting was put together, to find out who was involved and whether information was intentionally left out.

Just to jog your memory: That initial statement said DJTJ and the Russian lawyer "primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children," and Sarah Sanders said President Trump had helped with the statement. "The President weighed in, as any father would, based on the limited information that he had."

NFL Had Its First Anthem Protest of the Season on Opening Night:
Kansas City cornerback Marcus Peters sat during the anthem before last night's game vs. the New England Patriots. Last season, Peters raised a fist during the anthem before the Chiefs played the San Francisco 49ers, whom Colin Kaepernick then played for.

Kid Rock Gives Stump Speech During Michigan Concert:
The musician was introduced as the "next senator from Michigan" during his Grand Rapids show last night as "Hail to the Chief" played, and he walked up to a lectern with a "United States of 'Merica" sign on it and he blasted the KKK, Nazis, bigots and people who sit during the anthem, per MLive. Of Kaepernick, he said, "F*** Colin Kaepernick. And f*** any mother**** who decides to disrespect the national anthem."
Credit: @kellymc_kenzie/Instagram

He also posted a photo from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids before the show, signing the guestbook.
Credit: @kidrock/Instagram

Spicey's Late-Night Debut:
This is how Jimmy Kimmel invited Sean Spicer to his show. He'll be on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday, his first late-night interview since leaving the White House. Amazing.
Credit: @jimmykimmel/Twitter

The Most Popular Stock Photo for "Woman" in 2007 vs. 2017:
In a decade, the most popular stock photo from Getty Images for the term "woman" went from a a naked woman under a towel to a woman hiking alone at Banff National Park. Cool story in The New York Times about how that's evolved and how it reflects our changing culture.

Street Art Sighting:
My favorite new piece of street art is this mural on the Metropolitan Branch Trail, of the Lincoln Monument and the people who built it. "28 Blocks," by New York artist Garin Baker, is named for the 28 blocks of marble used to make the monument.
Credit: @hunterschwarz/Instagram

"When I started doing research, the story really started to unfold. I found a really symbolic story about America," Baker told the Washington Post. "These workers' souls and their hearts and their dreams are imbued in those stones. For an artist, it's a good thing."

Send me your pics of political street art to coverlinehunter@cnn.com, tweet me @hunterschwarz or tag @cnncoverline on Instagram.
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