Nevada state will be issuing two additional series of bonds, series 2017E and 2017F

  • $82.1 million of limited-tax capital improvement bonds, series 2017A;
  • $5.8 million of limited-tax natural resources and refunding bonds, series 2017B;
  • $7.9 million limited-tax open space, parks, natural resources and refunding bonds, series 2017C; and
  • $6 million limited-tax bonds for Nevada Municipal Bond Bank Project, series 2017D.

The state's GO bonds are secured by revenues from general ad valorem property 
taxes levied against all taxable property within Nevada's statutory combined 
overlapping levy limit of $3.64 per $100 of assessed value (AV), with two 
cents of the state's tax rate exempt from the statutory limitation. Debt 
service is structured to be funded with a consistent statewide property tax 
levy of 17 cents per $100 of AV. Statewide property taxes levied for GO bond 
repayment are collected and deposited into the consolidated bond interest and 
redemption fund.