Ireland abortion referendum: PM hails 'quiet revolution'

Ireland abortion referendum: PM hails 'quiet revolution'

Ireland abortion referendum: PM hails 'quiet revolution'

Posted: 26 May 2018 07:49 AM PDT

Leo Varadkar says Irish people have voted for a "modern constitution for a modern country".

Irish abortion referendum: Why people voted how they did

Posted: 26 May 2018 05:38 AM PDT

A vote for Yes was pro-choice; a vote for No was anti-abortion. So how did Irish people vote, and why?

Korean leaders meet in surprise summit

Posted: 26 May 2018 09:08 AM PDT

The talks happened as efforts continue to get Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un back on track.

Ed Sheeran 'not trying to stitch fans up' over UK tour tickets

Posted: 26 May 2018 04:17 AM PDT

Speaking about a row over tickets for his UK tour, the star says he wants to stop fans getting "ripped off".

Search for missing Wimbledon girl ,13, who has left UK

Posted: 26 May 2018 05:24 AM PDT

Serena Alexander-Benson told her father she was going to school, but she never arrived.

Joshua Holt case: Venezuela freed US 'hostage', says Trump

Posted: 26 May 2018 07:56 AM PDT

Joshua Holt and his Venezuelan partner, held for two years, are expected in Washington on Saturday.

Boots owner denies overcharging NHS for cancer mouthwash

Posted: 26 May 2018 06:03 AM PDT

A Times newspaper investigation found the NHS was charged £3,220 for a mouthwash used by cancer patients.

'Slap in face of abusive power'

Posted: 25 May 2018 08:09 AM PDT

The actress, one of the movie mogul's accusers, says it's 'a slap in the face of abusive power'.

Brexit: UK is playing hide and seek in talks, says EU negotiator

Posted: 26 May 2018 09:08 AM PDT

The EU's Brexit chief says negotiations must speed up in order to reach a deal on a future relationship.

Boy dies and three others hurt in Rochdale field

Posted: 26 May 2018 09:09 AM PDT

Police are investigating whether there were any suspicious circumstances.

Korean leaders in ‘Hollywood’ meeting

Posted: 26 May 2018 08:45 AM PDT

South Korea's movie-style video shows its president meet Kim Jong-un for only the second time.

Birmingham Pride: Tens of thousands march in street celebration

Posted: 26 May 2018 07:40 AM PDT

The two-day celebration brings huge crowds to the streets of the city centre.

Kilauea volcano: Hawaii homes destroyed by lava

Posted: 26 May 2018 07:26 AM PDT

Helicopter footage shows Kilauea volcano lava destroying dozens of houses on Hawaii's Big Island.

Birmingham Pride: My parents don't know I'm drag artist

Posted: 25 May 2018 04:33 PM PDT

James Bartholomew reveals the difficulties he's faced as a black man in the drag industry.

Sheep gets stuck on Norfolk river bridge... again

Posted: 25 May 2018 09:07 AM PDT

The "wooly wanderer" followed in the hoofsteps of a flockmate which got trapped in the same place.

Week in pictures: 19 - 25 May 2018

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:00 PM PDT

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

'Wolf-like' creature shot near Montana ranch puzzles experts

Posted: 25 May 2018 02:06 PM PDT

State wildlife experts are seeking DNA analysis to pinpoint the mysterious creature's species.

Paddle steamer MV Oliver Cromwell sinks off Anglesey coast

Posted: 26 May 2018 08:33 AM PDT

A boat called the MV Oliver Cromwell sunk off the coast of Anglesey on Friday afternoon.

The mysterious musician who wears a mask

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:08 PM PDT

The enigmatic musician surrounded by mystery - Claptone - has taken influences from jazz to rock and roll and even reggae to create his own brand of music.

Cycling through Africa: Turkish Hasan Söylemez's adventure of a lifetime

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:08 PM PDT

Turkish journalist Hasan Söylemez is cycling across Africa asking people about their dreams.

How to survive a parachute failure

Posted: 25 May 2018 05:22 PM PDT

It's rare, but some people live after plummeting thousands of feet when a parachute fails. Is there a way to make this more likely?

Ed Sheeran 'warms up' the Biggest Weekend crowd in Swansea

Posted: 26 May 2018 09:50 AM PDT

The star opens the Swansea stage at The Biggest Weekend, before rushing to his own show in Manchester.

The revival of 'geeky' pastime

Posted: 25 May 2018 04:08 PM PDT

Games such as Dungeons & Dragons - once seen as the preserve of the uncool - are enjoying a revival.

Why we travelled #HomeToVote on abortion

Posted: 26 May 2018 02:23 AM PDT

Voters returned home from across the world to cast their ballot in Friday's historic referendum.

Zhao Kangmin: The man who 'discovered' China's terracotta army

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:25 PM PDT

Zhao Kangmin was the first expert to identify the ancient warriors, one of China's cultural treasures.

What will director Danny Boyle bring to James Bond?

Posted: 25 May 2018 05:01 PM PDT

Will it be a case of Bond, James Bond or will 007 find his Martini both shaken and stirred?

Giro d'Italia: Chris Froome set for victory with just final procession stage left

Posted: 26 May 2018 08:28 AM PDT

Chris Froome is set for a historic Giro d'Italia victory as he leads by 46 seconds with just the procession into Rome to come.

Premiership final: Exeter Chiefs 10-27 Saracens

Posted: 26 May 2018 09:49 AM PDT

Saracens claim a fourth title by comfortably seeing off reigning champions Exeter in the Premiership final at Twickenham.

England v Pakistan: Mohammad Amir bowls Jonny Bairstow as England toil

Posted: 26 May 2018 07:06 AM PDT

Pakistan's Mohammad Amir bowls England's Jonny Bairstow to leave the hosts toiling at 91-4 during the afternoon session on the third day of the first Test at Lord's.

BMW PGA Championship: Rory McIlroy and Francesco Molinari tied for lead at Wentworth

Posted: 26 May 2018 09:48 AM PDT

Rory McIlroy is tied for the lead on 13 under par with Italy's Francesco Molinari after day three of the PGA Championship.

Monaco Grand Prix: Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo powers to dominant pole

Posted: 26 May 2018 07:07 AM PDT

Daniel Ricciardo will start the Monaco Grand Prix from pole after dominating qualifying while Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen lines up last.

Champions League final: How will Real Madrid deal with Liverpool 'Red Arrows'?

Posted: 25 May 2018 03:25 AM PDT

Ex-Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock on the key Champions League final battles and the crucial decisions facing Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane.

Cheltenham car mystery: Couple find lost Ford Fiesta

Posted: 23 May 2018 04:14 AM PDT

Emmanuel Elliott and Hilda Farmer had been looking for their missing vehicle for almost a week.

Stags on Rum found tangled in discarded fishing gear

Posted: 23 May 2018 06:30 AM PDT

Two of the animals on the Isle of Rum died after becoming tangled in discarded fishing rope.

Church of England offers prayers read by Amazon's Alexa

Posted: 23 May 2018 05:43 PM PDT

The voice assistant can say grace before meals, answer theological questions or read a prayer of the day.

Is this hairy crab the newest species found in the UK?

Posted: 23 May 2018 04:33 PM PDT

How many undiscovered species are there in the UK - and how unusual is it to find new life?

Aston Villa fan, 9, wins prize to be Wembley mascot

Posted: 24 May 2018 02:37 AM PDT

Hayden, nine, will be Aston Villa's mascot for their Championship play-off final game on Saturday.