Justin Trudeau at MIT; 2018 Fulbright scholars; a passion for service

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
May 24, 2018

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Justin Trudeau: Embrace the rapid pace of change

At flagship Solve event, Canada's prime minister urges audience to help shape the changes transforming society.

Eight from MIT receive 2018 Fulbright awards

Graduating students and alumni will conduct research abroad in 2018-19 academic year.

A passion for service

Tchelet Segev, a senior in civil and environmental engineering, is making a better world at MIT and beyond through leadership and service.

Jeff Gore: A physicist exploring population dynamics of microbes

MIT professor sees many "big, deep questions in biology" that benefit from study by both physicists and life scientists.

Just drop it: Baker House Piano Drop

In a tradition that started nearly 50 years ago, Baker House residents drop a donated, nonworking, and irreparable piano off the roof to mark "Drop Day."

MIT Quarter Century Club welcomes new members for 2018

Class includes 83 new members from the Cambridge campus, Lincoln Laboratory, and Haystack Observatory.

In the Media

Quartz reporter Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu writes that Sierra Leone has appointed alumnus David Sengeh to serve as the country's first Chief Innovation Officer. In this new position, reports Asiedu, Sengeh will be focused on jumpstarting Sierra Leone's "economy by elevating the role of innovation in its day to day dealings."


Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau stressed the importance of investing in artificial intelligence at the MIT Solve conference, reports the Associated Press. Trudeau noted that "leaders also have a responsibility to shape the rules and principles to guide the development of artificial intelligence."

Associated Press

Professors Edward Boyden and Feng Zhang have been named to the 2018 class of Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators, reports Jonathan Saltzman for The Boston Globe. "We selected these scientists because they know how to ask hard and interesting questions with skill and intellectual courage," says David Clapham, vice president and chief scientific officer of the institute.

Boston Globe

research & innovation

Albatross robot takes flight

Autonomous glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like a sailboat.

TESS takes initial test image

Exoplanet-seeking satellite developed by MIT swings by moon toward final orbit.

"Living drug factories" may one day replace injections

Startup develops implantable, encased cells that live in the body and secrete insulin and other therapeutics.

Researchers develop virtual-reality testing ground for drones

With new system, drones navigate through an empty room, avoiding crashes while "seeing" a virtual world.

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