Laughing the pain away

"Laughter is the best medicine." 5/21/18

The Doctor Treating Patients With Charlie Chaplin Movies

In India, Charlie Chaplin continues to be popular—so popular, in fact, that there's a whole fan club dedicated to celebrating and impersonating the famous comic actor. The Charlie Circle Foundation is the brainchild of Ashok Sukhumal Aswani, a doctor practicing ayurvedic medicine in the town of Adipur. Ashok is such a devotee of Chaplin's work that he even prescribes his DVDs to patients as a way to raise their spirits.

Bringing Chinese Rap to the World Stage

Straight outta Chengdu, China, the Higher Brothers are making Sichuan hip-hop a global sensation. The guys began to mix trap beats with local dialects, Mandarin and broken English to create a singular style. In this Great Big Film, we kick it inside the studio where "Brothers" Masiwei, Psy.P, Dzknow and Melo make music that's impressed the likes of Migos.

Bringing Diversity to Rock Climbing

As a kid, Mikhail Martin rarely saw his family or friends venture into the outdoors to hike or climb. When he started rock climbing, he noticed that he was the only person of color at the climbing gym. Now, with dozens of members, Brothers of Climbing is helping to make the rock wall a place for everyone.

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