Saudi Arabia: OPEC and Russia to pump more oil 'in the near future'

Saudi Arabia: OPEC and Russia to pump more oil 'in the near future'

Saudi Arabia: OPEC and Russia to pump more oil 'in the near future'

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:38 AM PDT

Saudi Arabia says OPEC and Russia could start to supply more oil to world markets in the near future.

Women candidates dominated at the polls

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:36 AM PDT

Progressive women dominated a slate of Democratic primaries Tuesday, winning races in Kentucky, Georgia and Texas.

Five times an incendiary pro-Trump claim on Russia fell flat

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:29 AM PDT

President Donald Trump ended last week with a provocative tweet: "Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a 'hot' Fake News story. If true - all time biggest political scandal!"

Suspect in custody after shots reported fired at a Indiana middle school

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:24 AM PDT

Shots were fired Friday at a middle school in Noblesville, Indiana, a receptionist for the school district told CNN.

Real Madrid face Liverpool for historic third straight Champions League title

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:24 AM PDT

Trying to define what makes a team truly great can be thankless task.

This relaxation and stress-relief app has a near perfect rating from over 3,000 users

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:23 AM PDT

Looking for the best meditation app out there? Consider Aura, a relaxation app that boasts almost a near perfect rating from over 3,000 users.

Sally Yates: Trump's DOJ pressure is 'a step beyond dangerous'

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:22 AM PDT

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is alarmed by President Donald Trump's call for the Department of Justice to investigate whether it or the FBI spied on his presidential campaign for political reasons.

Sleep in this weekend -- you might live longer

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:19 AM PDT

Tell your family you're sleeping in this weekend. Science says it may help you live longer, especially if you don't get enough rest during the week.

2 men wanted after blast injures 15 people at restaurant near Toronto

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:14 AM PDT

A manhunt is on in Canada after two men detonated an improvised explosive device, injuring 15 people late Thursday inside a restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, near Toronto, police said.

Trump set to address Naval Academy

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:13 AM PDT

President Donald Trump is set to deliver the commencement address at the US Naval Academy here on Friday, addressing more than 1,000 graduates who will become commissioned officers in the US Navy and Marine Corps.

Harvey Weinstein is charged with rape and sex abuse in cases involving 2 women

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:11 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to authorities Friday morning and was arrested and arraigned on charges of first- and third-degree rape and committing a criminal sexual act in the first degree, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

Oklahoma's governor wouldn't let residents carry a gun without a permit. But it's OK in 12 other states

Posted: 25 May 2018 07:08 AM PDT

Oklahomans won't be able to carry guns without a permit or license after the governor vetoed a bill that would have allowed it. The Oklahoma legislation was similar to so-called constitutional carry laws in 12 other states

GOP House candidate in Illinois is a 9/11 truther, said Beyonce had ties to the Illuminati

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:59 AM PDT

The Republican nominee for a US House seat in Illinois has said the September 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job and that singer Beyonce Knowles has ties to the Illuminati.

Many college grads from the Great Recession are still trying to catch up

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:56 AM PDT

Many of those who graduated during the Great Recession are still trying to catch up nearly a decade later.

Trump says North Korea summit talks continue: 'Could even be the 12th'

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:56 AM PDT

President Donald Trump told reporters Friday he remains open to holding a summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un on June 12.

Fiat Chrysler recalls 4.8 million vehicles that could get stuck in cruise control

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:49 AM PDT

Only one incident related to the malfunction has been reported to FCA, and there are no reported injuries.

Russian oligarch quits board of his sanctioned aluminum giant

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:48 AM PDT

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is distancing himself from Rusal, his massive aluminum company that's reeling from crippling US sanctions.

Harvey Weinstein's arrest is a key turning point

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:44 AM PDT

We are no longer simply at a cultural inflection point surrounding our long collective tolerance of sexual assault; we are at a legal inflection point as well, writes lawyer Caroline Polisi, as the #MeToo movement begins to infiltrate the court system in meaningful ways.

Cyclone hits Yemeni island ahead of landfall on Yemen, Oman coast

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:44 AM PDT

Seventeen people are missing after tropical Cyclone Mekunu swept through Yemen's island of Socotra ahead of its expected landfall near the Yemen-Oman border.

Armed bystander kills shooter at Oklahoma City restaurant

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:32 AM PDT

An armed bystander gunned down a shooter Thursday at an Oklahoma City restaurant, killing him, police said.

Walmart and Target are spending like crazy to stop Amazon

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:31 AM PDT

Walmart, Target and Kroger's profit is taking a hit as they fight to reach shoppers online.

Record fentanyl bust in Nebraska finds enough doses to kill an estimated 26 million people

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:30 AM PDT

The Nebraska State Patrol seized nearly 120 pounds of the drug fentanyl -- enough to kill about 26 million people, according to estimates by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Harvey Weinstein turns himself in to police

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:28 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein just walked into into a New York Police Department precinct. He's expected to be charged with rape. Follow here for the latest.

18 best places to travel for the summer of 2018

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:27 AM PDT

Deciding where to take that long-anticipated, well-deserved vacation can be daunting. Here's some help -- CNN Travel has 18 of the best places where you can go for the summer of 2018.

Survivor of near-fatal tick bite has a lesson for summer

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:17 AM PDT

On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, Jennifer Slone wants you to know that bug bites are more than just itchy. They can be deadly.

China, Germany to stay in Iran nuclear deal as Khamenei lists demands

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:16 AM PDT

In comments likely to frustrate the White House, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said their countries will stand by the existing nuclear accord with Iran, even as the US has withdrawn and expects its European allies to follow suit.

Lewis Hamilton as a teammate? Sebastian Vettel prefers Kimi Raikkonen

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:10 AM PDT

"I prefer Kimi, to give you my honest answer," Vettel told CNN, when asked whether he'd rather Räikkönen or Hamilton alongside him at Ferrari.

Roger Stone's finances examined by special counsel

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:08 AM PDT

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has been probing Roger Stone's finances as it summons a series of witnesses to gather more information about one of President Donald Trump's longtime advisers, according to people familiar with the situation.

People think Donald Trump's administration is the least ethical in modern history

Posted: 25 May 2018 06:06 AM PDT

Donald Trump is setting records again.

North Korea says it's still willing to meet Trump after US President cancels summit

Posted: 25 May 2018 05:59 AM PDT

North Korea says Kim Jong Un is still willing to meet Donald Trump "at any time," despite the US President's abrupt cancellation of what would have been a historic summit between the two leaders, scheduled for June 12.
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