Everybody's Being Accused of Crimes: From the Repub congressman indicted today on insider trading charges, to Rick Gates and Michael Cohen

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
A President Trump bobblehead doll sits on a Jeep equipped with a military-style mounted gun that was used by Kansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach and parked outside his watch party Tuesday at the Capitol Hotel in Topeka, Kansas. Credit: Steve Pope/Getty Images

Everybody's Being Accused of Crimes: From the Repub congressman indicted today on insider trading charges to Rick Gates and Michael Cohen

The Trump Whisperer: Sen. Lindsey Graham warned POTUS that ending the Mueller probe would be bad for Repubs

Caitlyn Jenner's Been Secretly Lobbying Congress: Jenner's met with about 50 lawmakers about rights for transgender people

Hunter Schwarz

What Washington is Talking About:
Everybody's being accused of crimes. Rep. Chris Collins, R-New York (and the first sitting member of Congress to endorse then-candidate Donald Trump for president, btw), was arrested today on insider trading charges. This comes after Rick Gates admitted during Paul Manafort's trial Tuesday that he had an extramarital affair and embezzled money from Manafort. 

What America is Talking About:
Yesterday's special congressional election in Ohio and Repub primary for Kansas' governor both appear too close to call, Elon Musk suggested he could take Tesla private, and Cal Fire said it may take until September 1 to fully contain the Mendocino Complex Fire burning in California.

The Trump Whisperer:
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, was asked at an event Monday why he didn't end Robert Mueller's investigation. Graham said President Trump brought that topic up "about 20 times" when he golfed with him this past weekend in New Jersey, and he said he suggested Trump lay off his calls to end the investigation for Repubs' sake in the midterms. "I want to win in November," Graham said. "If we stop the Mueller probe tomorrow, you wouldn't be able to talk about anything else."
Lindsey Graham, right, at the event in Greenville, SC. Credit: via Roll Call

Cohen Reportedly Under Investigation for Tax Fraud:
That's according to the Wall Street Journal, which reported Trump attorney Michael Cohen is under federal investigation into whether he underreported his income and misrepresented information when applying for loans. 

Alex Jones Tweets On:
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained Tuesday that his company didn't follow the rest of Big Tech's lead and kick Alex Jones and InfoWars off their platform because he didn't violate their rules. Yet. "We'll enforce if he does," @jack tweeted. "And we'll continue to promote a healthy conversational environment by ensuring tweets aren't artificially amplified." Jones responded with a 17-minute video of him talking in front of some plants about how he's being "unpersoned."
Credit: @RealAlexJones/Twitter

YouTube to Add Fact-Check Notes to Climate Change Videos:
YouTube has begun adding text linking to the Wikipedia page for "global warming" under videos questioning climate change, per BuzzFeed News

White House Undergoing Renovations:
While the first family is out on vacay, the White House is getting some renovations and a deep clean. Among the improvements taking place are modernizing the West Wing bathrooms for the first time in about 40 years, updating the West Wing elevators with new paneling, fixtures, and lighting, upgrading the Navy Mess kitchen plumbing and drainage, cleaning and painting the outside facade of the East and West Wings, and power washing the steps of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.
The South Portico steps of the White House in August 2017 during a major renovation. Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

ABC Had a Talk With Roseanne Before Her Show Came Out:
ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey told Variety the company was well aware of Roseanne Barr's Twitter history before her show began, and said they had a conversation with her and her producers about it. Barr "was very much saying that she was aware of her behavior in the past and was very much looking forward to starting with a clean slate here," Dungey said. "I am a believer in second chances, and we all felt like we were going to put our best foot forward and hope for a good result. And it did not end up that way."

Caitlyn Jenner's Been Secretly Lobbying Congress:
Jenner said she's "very politically involved," but under the radar. She reportedly visits Washington every few weeks and has met with about 50 members of Congress, including Speaker Ryan, and members of the Trump administration. "Nobody really knows it," Jenner told Variety. "I do it very quietly because I have been so criticized by the liberal side of the media. I can get more things done if I don't stick my nose into everything publicly." Jones hopes to get legislation allowing transgender people to serve in the military. "We need hard-core legislation, laws on the book of equality," she says.
Credit: Victoria Stevens for Variety

Marvel Entertainment's Chair is Reportedly a Shadow VA Head:
Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter and two other members of Mar-a-Lago -- lawyer Marc Sherman and doctor Bruce Moskowitz -- are part of an "informal council" influencing Veterans Affairs policy, according to ProPublica. VA spokesman Curt Cashour told ProPublica that a "broad range of input from individuals both inside and outside VA has helped us immensely over the last year and a half." White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said Perlmutter and the two other M-a-L members "have no direct influence over the Department of Veterans Affairs." But according to interviews and documents obtained through a public records request, the trio reviews policy and personnel decisions and even has flown VA members to M-a-L at taxpayer expense.

Street Art Sighting:
This wheat paste of portrait of congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was done by Los Angeles street artist ABCNT in L.A.'s Art District. In it, Ocasio-Cortez is holding a rose and wearing the logo of the Democratic Socialists of America, the rose with two hands shaking, on her shirt. 
Credit: @abcnt/Instagram

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Kate Bennett is off.
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