How Japan stays dry 

Go somewhere you've never been before. 8/10/18

In Japan, Floods Don't Stand a Chance

The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is the largest underground water facility in the world. Built to protect residents from constant flooding, the system drains rainwater to a massive tunnel underground that then redirects the flow to a nearby river that can handle the influx of water. Thanks to the ingenuity of the drainage system, Japan's residents are kept high and dry.

The Uncanny Lined Seahorse

Part Toad, part Mystique: lined seahorses are some of the most extraordinary creatures in the ocean, even if they don't seem like much at first. They're small, rather bland looking, and poor swimmers for sea-dwellers, but don't let that fool you; their ability to move their eyes in independent directions, grip aquatic vegetation with their tails, and camouflage themselves to ambush prey would make them right at home on Xavier's—or Magneto's—team of mutants.

Kick Back in China's Infinite Reading Space

With a unique design that creates the illusion of infinite books, the Yangzhou Zhongshuge library is a story lover's paradise. Located in Yangzhou, China, the library contains black mirror floors, which are meant to mimic mirages—a subtle reference to the city's many canals and waterways. Arched glass ceilings and flowing patterns represent the connection between people and books.
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