Hang Up on Business Directory Scams

Con artists target small businesses with bogus business directory listings or ads
Consumer Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission

Hang Up on Business Directory Scams

Like many small business owners, you're trying to grow your business. Scammers know that, so they try to trick you into paying for ads to promote your business or for listings in a business directory.  

How does the scam work? 

Scammers may call about an ad you don't remember ordering or about your "free" listing in the Yellow Pages. They may say that they are calling only to confirm some information. Then you get a bill. They hope you will pay without noticing that you never ordered the ad or listing. If you don't pay, they may make harassing calls demanding payment. The scammers might even lie about your earlier phone conversation, claiming that it is proof of your order.

What to do

Verify your invoices. Don't pay an invoice unless you've confirmed that someone on your staff placed the order.

Spot scams that target small businesses

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