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The school for baby Einsteins

"Our main goal is to stop our talents from leaving the country..." 11/7/18

Mexico's Child Geniuses

Dafne Almazán is not your average 16-year-old. When she's not studying, she plays the piano and teaches Mandarin to other children. Oh, and did we mention that at just 13 years old she became the world's youngest psychologist? Dafne is impressive, but she's not alone. According to a recent study, Mexico is home to one million gifted children, but due to limited resources, only 4% are able to reach their full potential. Dafne is trying to change that. By teaching gifted kids at Mexico's Centro de Atención al Talento (CEDAT), she is working to make certain that talent doesn't go untapped.
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This Adorable Bunny Needs Our Help

This cute little guy is no ordinary rabbit. Found only in a few pockets between Maine and New York City, the New England Cottontail is sometimes confused with its nearly identical cousin, the Eastern Cottontail rabbit. Despite their strong legs that allow them to run at top speeds from predators, they are being pushed out of their native habitats by invasive species and expanding metropolises. Today, the future of the species hangs in the balance. 

America's First Concierge

Want to know the best spot to view the Golden Gate Bridge? How about finding the oldest gay bar in San Francisco? Any question you have, Tom Wolfe is the man with the answer. As America's first concierge, he is a veteran at helping guests of Fairmont San Francisco discover what the city has to offer. So go ahead, ask anything. Tom is at your service.
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