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American Airlines Fights to Keep JetBlue Alliance Alive

American Airlines has announced that it will appeal a court ruling that requires it to end its alliance with JetBlue Airways. The ruling, which was issued by U.S. District Judge Leo Sorokin in Boston on May 19, found that the alliance violated antitrust law by reducing competition in the Northeast travel market.

American and JetBlue had argued that the alliance would benefit consumers by giving them more choices and lower fares. However, the judge found that the alliance would actually lead to higher fares and less competition.

American Airlines CEO Robert Isom said in a statement that the company is "disappointed" with the ruling and that it will "vigorously" appeal the decision. "We believe that the alliance is in the best interests of our customers and our employees, and we are confident that the appellate court will overturn this decision," Isom said.

The appeal is likely to take several months to resolve. In the meantime, American and JetBlue will continue to operate under the terms of the alliance.


The appeal by American Airlines is a significant development in the ongoing battle between the two airlines. The ruling by Judge Sorokin was a major victory for the U.S. Department of Justice, which had sued to block the alliance in 2021.

The appeal is likely to be closely watched by the airline industry and antitrust experts. The outcome of the appeal could have a major impact on the future of airline alliances in the United States.

If American Airlines is successful in overturning the ruling, it would be a major setback for the U.S. Department of Justice and could lead to a wave of new airline alliances. However, if the ruling is upheld, it would send a strong signal that the U.S. government is committed to enforcing antitrust laws in the airline industry.

The appeal is also likely to have a significant impact on the competitive landscape in the Northeast travel market. If the alliance is allowed to continue, it would give American and JetBlue a significant advantage over their rivals. However, if the alliance is blocked, it would open up the market to more competition from other airlines.

The outcome of the appeal is still uncertain, but it is clear that the appeal will have a major impact on the future of the airline industry in the United States.

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