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Bench Craft Company Lawsuit

Bench Craft Company has been involved in several lawsuits over the years, including a number of cases involving alleged violations of consumer protection laws and deceptive advertising practices.

In 2015, the Oregon Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Bench Craft Company, alleging that the company had engaged in unfair and deceptive practices in connection with its sale of advertising products to small businesses. The lawsuit alleged that Bench Craft Company made false or misleading claims about the effectiveness of its advertising products and failed to provide customers with the advertising services they had paid for. In 2016, Bench Craft Company settled the lawsuit by agreeing to pay $175,000 in civil penalties and to change its business practices.

In 2018, Bench Craft Company was sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule by making false or misleading claims to small businesses about the effectiveness of its advertising products. The FTC also alleged that Bench Craft Company charged customers without their consent and failed to honor cancellation requests. In 2020, Bench Craft Company settled the lawsuit by agreeing to pay $4.25 million in monetary relief to affected customers and to comply with a number of injunctive provisions designed to prevent similar violations in the future.

It's important to note that lawsuits and legal settlements are just one aspect of a company's reputation and track record. If you are considering doing business with Bench Craft Company or any other company, it's important to do your own research and due diligence to evaluate the company's overall reputation, customer satisfaction, and business practices before making a decision.


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