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FTSE 100 Eyes Another Green Day

The FTSE 100 is expected to open higher on Monday, following gains in global markets overnight. The index is seen opening up 0.5% at 7,640.

Investors will be looking ahead to the release of U.K. inflation data on Wednesday. Economists expect inflation to have risen to 9.1% in May, from 9% in April.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is also expected to raise interest rates by 0.75% on Wednesday. This will be the largest rate hike since 1994.

Despite these headwinds, the FTSE 100 is expected to remain in positive territory on Tuesday. The index is still up 12.7% so far this year.

Here are some factors that could affect the FTSE 100 today:

  • U.K. inflation data
  • U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate decision
  • Corporate earnings reports
  • Geopolitical developments

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