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Intel: Strong Demand for Chips Drives Revenue

Intel Shares Jump as Chipmaker Sees Second-Quarter Revenue at Upper End of Outlook

Shares of Intel Corp (INTC.O) rose about 5% on Wednesday after the chipmaker's finance chief said on Wednesday that the company is on track to hit the upper end of its second-quarter revenue outlook.

Intel Chief Financial Officer David Zinsner said on a conference call with analysts that the company is seeing "strong demand" for its products, particularly in the data center and PC markets. He said Intel is also benefiting from higher prices for its products.

Intel's revenue outlook for the second quarter is $11.5 billion to $12.5 billion. The company's previous outlook was for revenue of $11.2 billion to $12.2 billion.

Intel's stock price is up about 10% this year. The company's stock is trading at about $47 per share.

Intel is the world's largest chipmaker by revenue. The company's products are used in a wide range of devices, including computers, servers, and smartphones.

Intel is facing increasing competition from rivals such as AMD (AMD.O) and Nvidia (NVDA.O). However, the company is still the dominant player in the chip market.

Intel is investing heavily in new chip manufacturing technology. The company is building two new chip factories in Arizona. The factories are expected to cost $20 billion.

Intel is also investing in new chip designs. The company is developing new chips that are more efficient and powerful.

Intel is confident that it can continue to grow its business in the face of competition. The company is investing in new technologies and products that will help it maintain its leadership position in the chip market.

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