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BioNano Genomics Inc. is a life sciences company that develops and markets genomic analysis tools based on its proprietary nanochannel technology. The company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

BioNano Genomics' flagship product is called the Saphyr system, which is a genome mapping platform that provides high-resolution, long-range information about structural variation in DNA. The system is used for a variety of applications, including cancer research, rare disease diagnosis, and agriculture genomics.

The Saphyr system uses nanochannel arrays to capture long DNA molecules, which are then stained with fluorescent markers and imaged using high-speed cameras. This allows the system to generate highly accurate and detailed maps of the genome, which can be used to identify structural variations and other genomic abnormalities.

In addition to the Saphyr system, BioNano Genomics also offers a range of other genomic analysis tools and services, including software for data analysis and interpretation.

Overall, BioNano Genomics is focused on providing innovative solutions for genomic analysis that can help researchers and clinicians better understand the genetic basis of disease and develop more effective treatments. The company is committed to advancing the field of genomics and making its technology accessible to researchers and clinicians around the world.

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