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State Farm's Exit Leaves California Homeowners Scrambling for Insurance

State Farm, the largest homeowners insurer in the United States, will stop offering new homeowners insurance policies in California effective Saturday, May 28.

The company cited rising costs and increasing risk as reasons for the decision.

"The decision to exit California's homeowners insurance market was not made lightly," State Farm said in a statement. "We have been in California for over 100 years and have served our customers well. However, the current market conditions have made it difficult to continue offering competitive rates and coverage."

State Farm's decision is a blow to California homeowners, who are already facing rising insurance costs. The average cost of homeowners insurance in California has increased by 15% in the past year, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

The rising cost of homeowners insurance is being driven by a number of factors, including the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires, as well as the rising cost of construction materials.

State Farm is not the only insurer that has been affected by the rising cost of homeowners insurance. In recent years, a number of insurers have exited the California market or have raised rates significantly.

The rising cost of homeowners insurance is a major concern for California homeowners. The state is particularly vulnerable to wildfires, which have caused billions of dollars in damage in recent years.

Homeowners in California should shop around for the best rates and should consider taking steps to reduce their risk of loss, such as installing fire-resistant materials and having a home inspection done.

What can homeowners do if State Farm is no longer offering home insurance?

Homeowners who currently have State Farm homeowners insurance will not be affected by the company's decision to stop offering new policies. However, homeowners who are looking for new homeowners insurance will need to shop around for the best rates.

There are a number of insurers that offer homeowners insurance in California. Homeowners should compare quotes from multiple insurers before they buy a policy.

Homeowners can also take steps to reduce their risk of loss, such as installing fire-resistant materials and having a home inspection done. These steps can help homeowners get lower rates on their homeowners insurance.

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