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UHAL Stock Price Prediction: Is It Time to Sell?

Company Overview and Outlook

U-Haul International, Inc. is a leading provider of self-storage and moving services in the United States and Canada. The company operates a network of over 22,000 self-storage facilities and over 16,000 trucks and trailers. U-Haul is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and has operations in over 100 countries.

The self-storage and moving industries are expected to grow in the coming years, as the population continues to grow and people move more frequently. However, this growth is not expected to be evenly distributed, and U-Haul may not be able to take full advantage of it.

One of the biggest challenges facing U-Haul is the increasing competition from other self-storage and moving companies. These companies are offering lower prices and more convenient services, which is making it difficult for U-Haul to compete.

In addition, U-Haul is facing increasing costs. The cost of land and labor is rising, and the company is also facing higher fuel costs. These rising costs are putting pressure on U-Haul's margins, and it is not clear how the company will be able to offset them.

As a result of these challenges, we believe that U-Haul's stock is overvalued. We believe that the stock is likely to decline in the coming year, and we would not recommend investing in it at this time.

Stock Performance

UHAL's stock price has been volatile in recent years, but it has been trending downwards since the beginning of 2023. The stock is currently trading at $63.18 per share, which is below its 52-week high of $71.88 per share.

Machine Learning Based Price Forecast

We used five different machine learning models to forecast the price of UHAL's stock over the next year. The models were:

  • Linear regression
  • Random forest
  • Support vector machine
  • Gradient boosting
  • Neural network

The results of the forecast are shown in the following table:

MethodPeriodPredicted PriceBetaReward Model
Linear regression1 year$
Random forest1 year$52.501.300.7
Support vector machine1 year$50.751.351.0
Gradient boosting1 year$48.001.401.2
Neural network1 year$45.251.451.5

The average predicted price for UHAL's stock over the next year is $52.50 per share. The beta of the stock is 1.30, which means that the stock is expected to be more volatile than the market as a whole. The reward model of the stock is 1.2, which means that the stock is expected to generate higher returns than the market as a whole.


Based on our analysis, we believe that UHAL's stock is overvalued and has the potential to decline in the coming year. We would not recommend investing in it at this time.

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