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Flipkart and PhonePe: The $100 Billion Dream

Walmart-owned Flipkart and its payments arm PhonePe could be $100 billion businesses in India, Walmart CFO John David Rainey said on Wednesday.

Speaking at an investor conference, Rainey said that Flipkart and PhonePe are "two of the most exciting growth businesses in the world" and that they have the potential to be "truly transformative" for India.

Flipkart is India's largest online marketplace, with over 300 million registered users. It has been growing rapidly in recent years, and it is now valued at over $30 billion.

PhonePe is India's leading digital payments platform, with over 300 million users. It has been growing even faster than Flipkart, and it is now valued at over $10 billion.

Rainey said that the growth of Flipkart and PhonePe is being driven by the rising middle class in India. He said that there are now over 400 million middle-class consumers in India, and that they are increasingly using online platforms to shop and make payments.

Rainey said that Walmart is committed to investing in Flipkart and PhonePe. He said that Walmart is "excited" about the potential of these businesses, and that it is "confident" that they will be successful in the long term.

The potential for Flipkart and PhonePe to reach $100 billion valuations is significant. If they are able to achieve this, they would be among the largest companies in India. Their success would also be a major boost for Walmart, which has been investing heavily in India in recent years.

The growth of Flipkart and PhonePe is a sign of the growing importance of e-commerce and digital payments in India. These businesses are tapping into a large and growing market, and they have the potential to transform the way that people shop and make payments in India.

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