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Roche's Vacaville Plant: A Tentative Goodbye?

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche is considering selling or closing its biologic drug manufacturing plant in Vacaville, California. The plant, which employs 800 people, produces monoclonal antibodies for a variety of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Roche said in a statement that it is reviewing its manufacturing footprint "to ensure we are best positioned to meet the needs of our patients and customers." The company said it is in talks with potential buyers for the Vacaville plant, but it has not made a decision yet.

If Roche decides to close the plant, it would be the latest in a series of manufacturing cuts by the company. In 2021, Roche closed a plant in New Jersey and announced plans to close a plant in Switzerland.

The decision to review Roche's manufacturing footprint comes as the company faces increasing competition from generic drugmakers. Roche's blockbuster cancer drugs Avastin and Herceptin are facing generic competition, which is expected to hurt the company's sales.

Roche is not the only pharmaceutical company that is reviewing its manufacturing footprint. In recent years, a number of drugmakers have closed or sold manufacturing plants as they have faced increasing competition and pricing pressures.

The closure of Roche's Vacaville plant would be a blow to the local economy. The plant is a major employer in the area, and its closure would likely lead to job losses.

It is unclear what will happen to the Vacaville plant if Roche decides to sell or close it. The company said it is committed to working with employees and the community to find a "positive outcome."

The news of Roche's review of its manufacturing footprint is a reminder of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. As competition intensifies and pricing pressures mount, drugmakers are under pressure to find ways to reduce costs.

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