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Which statement applies only to restricted cardholders?

The statement that applies only to restricted cardholders is:

Restricted cardholders are those who have a lower credit score than 659. They are not eligible for an unrestricted travel card, which has a higher credit limit and more benefits. However, they can upgrade their restricted travel card to an unrestricted card if they agree to a new credit score check and have a credit score above 659.

Other statements that apply to restricted cardholders:

  • They are limited to a lower credit limit than unrestricted cardholders.
  • They may be required to provide additional documentation to obtain a travel card.
  • They may be subject to more restrictions on how they can use their travel card.

If you are a restricted cardholder, it is important to understand the limitations of your card and to use it responsibly. You should also contact your APC if you are interested in upgrading your card to an unrestricted card.

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