Modelling A.I. in Economics

Predicting Silver Prices with Machine Learning: Promising Approaches and Considerations (Forecast)


Machine learning models hold potential for silver price prediction, but it's essential to understand the complexities and choose the right approach. Here's a breakdown:

Promising Models:

  • Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost): Effective in time series forecasting, XGBoost has shown success in silver price prediction with accuracies of ~94%.
  • Multilayer Perceptron (MLP): This artificial neural network can learn complex relationships in data, achieving promising results with MLP configurations containing two hidden layers.
  • Ensemble Models: Combining multiple models like XGBoost and MLP through approaches like stacking or bagging can improve accuracy and robustness.
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs): RNNs excel at handling sequential data like time series, making them suitable for silver price prediction. LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) networks are a popular choice within RNNs.


  • Data Quality: Accurate and comprehensive data on historical silver prices, influencing factors like economic indicators, and global events is crucial for training effective models.
  • Model Selection and Tuning: Choosing the right model and fine-tuning its hyperparameters is key to optimizing performance. Consider factors like data size, prediction horizon, and desired accuracy.
  • Error and Uncertainty: Remember, all price predictions are estimates with inherent uncertainty. Evaluate models based on error metrics like Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) and Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) to assess the level of confidence.
  • Market Dynamics: Silver price is influenced by complex, often unpredictable factors. Machine learning models can help identify patterns and trends, but unexpected events can still significantly impact prices.

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Remember, machine learning can be a valuable tool for silver price prediction, but it's crucial to use it with caution and understanding its limitations. By carefully choosing your approach, considering the factors mentioned above, and interpreting predictions as estimates with inherent uncertainty, you can gain valuable insights from this technology.


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