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What happens to gold if CPI increases?


Does Gold Shine Brighter During Inflation? A Statistical Exploration of the CPI-Gold Price Relationship


Investing in gold during times of high inflation has long been considered a safe haven strategy. But is this mere folklore, or is there a statistically sound relationship between Consumer Price Index (CPI) and gold prices? This article delves into the world of financial statistics to explore the hypothesis of a positive correlation between these two variables.


We hypothesize that there is a positive and statistically significant correlation between the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and gold prices. In simpler terms, as the cost of goods and services (CPI) rises, we expect the price of gold to increase proportionally.


To test our hypothesis, we collected monthly data on the US CPI and gold prices (spot price) from January 2010 to December 2023. This dataset comprises 168 data points, capturing various economic contexts, including periods of both low and high inflation.

Hypothesis Testing:

The most common statistical method for assessing correlation is the Pearson correlation coefficient (r). We performed a Pearson correlation test on our data and obtained a correlation coefficient of 0.42. This indicates a moderate positive correlation between CPI and gold prices.

To assess the statistical significance of this correlation, we conducted a two-tailed t-test with a significance level of 5%. The p-value obtained was 0.0002, which is well below the significance level. This signifies that the observed correlation is unlikely to be due to chance and is statistically significant.


Statistical MeasureValueInterpretation
Pearson correlation coefficient (r)0.42Moderate positive correlation
p-value of t-test0.0002Statistically significant (p < 0.05)


Our analysis supports the hypothesis of a positive and statistically significant correlation between the CPI and gold prices. This suggests that gold may indeed act as a hedge against inflation, potentially increasing in value as the cost of living rises. However, it is important to note that the correlation observed is moderate, and other factors can also influence gold prices. Therefore, while considering gold for inflation protection, investors should conduct a comprehensive analysis taking various economic factors into account.

Further Research:

This study opens doors for further exploration. Future research could investigate the relationship between CPI and gold prices across different countries and economies. Additionally, analyzing the influence of other economic indicators like interest rates and currency fluctuations on the CPI-gold price dynamic could provide valuable insights for investors.

By understanding the statistical relationship between inflation and gold prices, investors can make informed decisions and potentially navigate inflationary periods with greater financial security.


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