Adem Çetinkaya

Adem Çetinkaya 

Adem Çetinkaya, (1981, Kayseri) is a technology entrepreneur. Çetinkaya is also the founder and R&D leader of AC Investment Research, co-founder and board member of Predictive A.I, and the founder of Çetinkaya Education Foundation.

Çetinkaya was born in Kayseri, a city in Central Anatolia. He continued his education in the United States; He worked as a manager in international companies. After his professional career, he founded companies InvestX and AC Investment Research in the field of financial technology. In addition to his founding partnerships, he continues to work on Machine Learning-based market research at AC Investment Research. Çetinkaya has many articles and books published in the United States.

Çetinkaya received his Ph.D in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Calculus: For Economics, a book on mathematical economics written by Çetinkaya, formed the basis of the AC Invest algorithm. Çetinkaya's theory that neural networks can produce rational responses and strategies in the market, and that individual behavior can be predicted in this context, was put into practice with the investments of AC Invest and InvestX. The results of this theory were experimentally opened to researchers.

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