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Enable notifications in AC Invest Mobile App to receive relevant updates on trading signals, market risk notifications and actionable recommendations for improving trading performance, from wherever you are.

The learning phase is the period when machine learning system still has a lot to learn about your investment behavior. During the learning phase, the algorithm is exploring the best way to deliver trade signals based on your trading behavior and location.

How to set up notifications

Turn on notifications for Android devices

1.Open your phone's Settings app.
2.Tap Notifications and then App settings.
3.Under "Most recent," find apps that recently sent you notifications.
4.To find more apps, in the dropdown menu, tap All apps.
5.Tap the AC Invest app.
6.Turn the app's notifications on.

AC Invest mobile app lets you:

★See the machine learning based stock market analysis and AC Invest Rank which indicates potential outperformance based on earning estimate revisions and surprises.

★View the current market risk, operational risk and outlook.

★Get daily signal notifications.

★Get daily market risk notifications.

★View prediction confidence score.

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